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Détails Bio

  • AlexaNoa
  • Âge: 19
  • Catègorie: Females 18-34
  • Classement: 4.5 / 157
  • Type de Chat: prive
  • Hauteur: 161
  • Poids: 49
  • Couleur des cheveux: Black
  • Couleur des yeux: Chestnut
  • Mesures: 60-78-84-
  • Sexual: Bisexual, I can feel pleasure for a man or a woman ... or much better with both

  • Fantasies:
  • Turn Ons: I am excited by smells, big boobs or good male bodies, the security with which a person speaks or I can even get excited by the penetrating looks of people
  • Turn Offs: I am not excited by people who are not satisfied with their body, who do not have self-esteem and who do not value other people
  • Position prèfèrèe: all