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  • GraaceLee
  • Âge: 23
  • Catègorie: Females 18-34
  • Classement: 5 / 31
  • Type de Chat:
  • Hauteur: 164
  • Poids: 50
  • Couleur des cheveux: Chestnut
  • Couleur des yeux: Chestnut
  • Mesures: 64-85-88-
  • Sexual: I am an open and outgoing woman, I love human beings, man or woman, they are a pleasure! I do not close myself to new experiences, what a delight to h

  • Fantasies:
  • Turn Ons: It excites me to caress my butt, my legs and feel that my vagina gets excited, little by little wetting my fingers to pass them over my nipples and gently harden them, I slowly lower my fingers wettin
  • Turn Offs: Being dirty does not excite me at all, nor does it excite me to introduce objects other than my beautiful dildos in my vagina and butt, that takes away all the heat.
  • Position prèfèrèe: I love riding a big cock, sitting on it and feeling it really deep, it fascinates me in four to feel that my hair is being pulled and my buttocks hit hard, I love to lie down and lift my legs on your